Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Julius Caesar

Director: Jack Read

Assistant Director: Amy Ippolito

Dramaturg: Savannah Nine

Stage Manager: Shaggy Bryant

Production Manager: Mary Rose Valentine


What We Did Today

What DIDN’T we do today?! Our conspirators were victorious—Caesar hath fallen. But Brutus, being an honorable man, made a crucial mistake: allowing Mark Antony to address the people. We discussed how easy it is for well-chosen words to sway the masses, and I’m particularly excited for the rest of our cast to take Lia’s rhetoric workshop!


Quick And Quotable

  • From the Play: As Casca strikes, the others rise up and stab Caesar.
  • From the Director: “Let’s take a 5 and think about free speech.”
  • From the Cast: “I’m really excited, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, to stab Alex today.”


Production Insights

Wow, wow, wow. These kids don’t pull their punches, and with an always-relevant play like Caesar, that is a good thing. Our generation is really vocal politically on lots of social issues, but for many of us, our voices are all we have because of the voting age. What would these amazing kids do with the power of a Roman senator? What can we do with the power of the public, the strongest ally of all? And most importantly, how can Shakespeare’s words teach the cast how to use their voices most effectively to stand up for their beliefs?