Date: 7/22/2020

Show: All’s Well that Ends Well

Director: Lauren Carlton

Assistant Director: Esma Eddeb

Dramaturg: Schuyler Gardner

Stage/Zoom Manager: Hillel Finder

Production Manager: Liam Riley

What We Did Today

Hello my fellow Shakespeareans,

After a brief check in, the All’s Well cast and crew began to move forward with the show portfolio. The cast was divided into groups and began working on various pieces of the project on their own. This included recording of scenes, drawing signs, and developing Pintrest boards. All in all, the cast had a very productive day.

Production Insights

It may seem that nothing of much interest really happened today, but there is a difference between a productive day versus an eventful day. This week and the next will see the vision of the whole production portfolio come to life as one piece. Everyone, including myself, is working hard to ensure the best of quality for the end result. It may not be eventful to some, but to us it is the rising action of our storyline to the SHXcamp experience.

Sayonara Shakespeareans,


[This post was brought to buy the stress of forgetting to write it and then hastily doing it at midnight]