Date: 7/21/2020

Show: All’s Well that Ends Well

Director: Lauren Carlton

Assistant Director: Esma Eddeb

Dramaturg: Schuyler Gardner

Stage/Zoom Manager: Hillel Finder

Production Manager: Liam Riley


What We Did Today

Hello my fellow Shakespeareans. After no rehearsal on Monday, the cast and crew of All’s Well that ends well got straight to work with the show’s devised portfolio. The cast was split into groups so that they could work with each other and brainstorm concrete ideas for projects to add to the portfolio. The cast all had creative ideas as to how they would showcase their character moments, ranging from news broadcasts, to tiktok, to infomercials. Afterwards, dates were set as to keep projects on track, and so concludes the first rehearsal of the second week of SHXcamp.

Quick and Quotable

From the Play: “Hath the Count all this intelligence?” -Second Lord

From the Director: “I love that you have a collection of hats.”

From the Cast/Crew: “That’s Lavache with three c’s.”- Jesse

Production Insights

Over the weekend, I began to wonder if the cast would be able to connect their character moments effectively with modern technology. Taking text from Shakespeare and converting it into a modern setting is very risky, as it has to be relevant to the story and not just fancy decor screaming, “Howdy-do fellow kids?” I had my doubts but so far the cast seems to be proving me wrong. Every idea that the campers had came from a carefully thought out plan of action, and the creative drive to make it work. I look forward to seeing what their final projects look like in their completed state.

Sayonara Shakespeareans,


[This post was written to the sound of, “American Idiot: The Broadway Musical Soundtrack”]