Date: 7/12/2020

A New Beginning:

After finishing camp in the year 2019, ASCTC staff and hopeful returning campers couldn’t wait for 2020 to arrive. No one could have expected to begin the new session of camp from inside their own homes in front of a computer screen. Yes my fellow Shakespeareans, the world has drastically changed and we are unable to meet in person for that familiar camp experience. However, fearless leaders Aubrey Whitlock and Lia Wallace, along with the wonderful people of the American Shakespeare Center, have come together to create a new online Shakespeare experience. SHXcamp is an online camp created to educated hopeful youths across the United States about Early-Modern theater and taking an in-depth look at William Shakespeare’s works with an analytical and creative eye. Although we are restrained to a two by four inch screen in a zoom call, the show must go on and go on it will. SHXcamp will not just be a continuation of theater camp, but a brand new experience for both newcomers and veterans. As we go through day to day events and activities, allow me to be your guide as we explore this brand new venture.

Yours truly,