Today’s Date: Friday, July 23

Photo of the Day:

Ralphening pt 2! Isabella (as Nym), Micah (as Bardolph), Ralph as himself (duh), Lilly (as Hostess), Molly (as Pistol), and Ella on the ground as herself. Rehearsing 2.1, introduction to the Eastcheap gang!

What we did

We had our usual morning routine—yoga, breakfast, and then morning meeting where we set our schedule for the day!

  • 10:30—10:45: 2.1! the clowns showed their blocking they did yesterday to Daniel, our beloved Stage Manager!
  • 10:45—11:00: Prologue! We ran through the prologue one more time, since the entire cast is on stage! It’s lookin’ pretty cool!!!
  • 11:00—12:00: 2.2! The traitor scene! It was a long-ish scene with a little violence—fun stuff
  • 12:00—12:30: 4.2
  • 12:30—2:00: LUNCH!!!!
  • 2:00—3:00: Ralphening pt 2. We discussed our thoughts of ASC’s Henry we saw last night then ran Lilly’s first line as Hostess and practiced comedic “O’s.” And then it was Micah’s turn (Bardolph, Rambures, and York) for Rambures’ famous “Norman Bastards” tyrade
  • 3:00—4:00: 3.5! I would my horse were MY mistress ;). The French court worked on being Frenchy. I don’t know I left to go practice French so I wasn’t in the room.
  • 4:00—5:00: Production Meeting! All the committees presented what they had worked on during the week. We got some costume ideas, music for our camp song and alarums, props and set pieces, and choreography for crosses in between scenes. A packed, but productive day!! 


Quick and Quotable

  • From the play: Normans, but bastard Normans, Norman bastards!”
  • From the cast:

Textual Sension”-Topher about Henry and Scroope

“That was good…this is better” -Ralph about I don’t even know what I’m so sorry I wrote it at the top of my notebook. He’s really good at giving direction, but out-of-context stuff is really funny.


Production Insights 

I am exhausted. Now that other scenes are being blocked, we are learning how to properly spend our time studying our lines and doing tablework. The end is closer than we realize and it’s been a long time since we’ve done theatre, much less in this way where one’s scene partner may be off choreographing a fight scene or arranging a piece of music instead of practicing lines. We’re definitely feeling the pressure of the off-book date and everything, but it always works out in the end. No matter what, we are learning our style of studying and what we can bring into the rehearsal room and out into the world. We still find time to laugh, make tik toks, watch Netflix, and quiz each other on the percent of prose or verse in various plays. You know—normal teenager things 🙂 Talk to you on Monday! Or maybe it will be someone else!!! I think I’ll start signing these. Peace and Love, my Norman bastards <3