A whole week and a half have passed by like a beautiful storm. Our campers have been quite busy! Let’s take a look at the highlights, shall we?


Every morning after yoga and Zumba the campers had some rigorous training of various acting techniques. They’ve explored the art of clowning, what it means to kinaesthetically respond in a group, and how to safely fall.


The campers also had the opportunity to work with ASC Actor-Manager Brandon Carter and ACS actor Natasia Reinhardt. Here are some cool pics from that experience!

The team also had all the fun nerding out and editing the Henry V script as an ensemble.


Over the weekend the campers got to spend some time exploring the Farmers Market and Gypsy Hill Park. They also got down to some serious boogieing, after all testing negative for COVID with our “Un-Masquerade”.

Week 2 started with an exciting ride of auditions, training, and casting. The cast then had their first read-through!

The campers also met up with their production committees and got to work! Here are some highlights from that.

Lastly, the kiddos had their first Ralphing experienced where our Co-Founder, Ralph Cohen, nerded out with the campers exploring the Henry V text.


Stay tuned as our campers update you all with a day-by-day “rehearsal report” and don’t forget to follow on our socials for daily content!