Today’s Date: 7-30-21


What we did

We started with our daily check in. Then we planned out what we must do for the day. Today is our off book day and muddle through, which means we go through the entire play to the best of our abilities without our scripts in hand. This helps us to figure out the problem areas and what we need to work on. For the morning we practiced a bit of combat, and went over some scenes that we were unsure of. Then we had lunch, after lunch was our muddle through. It went pretty well. It started very strong but as the play went on, it got a little more shaky. But now we know what we need to work on before the dress rehearsal on Monday.


Quick and Quotable

  • From the play

“To England will I steal, and there I’ll steal.” – Pistol

  • From the staff 

“let’s take another stab at it. HA. I know jokes” – Daniel (while practicing a sword fight)

  • From the cast 

“You go to a catholic school so you can Latin” – Eleanor to Ella

“‘Do you want me to cut your leg open so you know how it feels’ ‘oh anytime’ ‘as long as I’m not here when it happens.’” – Andy, Topher, Daniel (in that order)

Production Insights 

Especially with a renaissance style play disagreements will arise. When everyone is directing, that can get pretty stressful and tense. It’s important to listen and be patient. If it is starting to get too tense, it’s good to take a five, or even to leave it for the day, and come back tomorrow.