Today’s Date: 7/26/2021

Photo of the Day:



What we did 


We had our usual morning routine—yoga, breakfast, and then a morning meeting where we set our schedule for the day!

10:15am-10:30am: Trap Practice, Maddie (As Gower) practiced opening the trap so she can execute it safely and smoothly during the show. 

10:30am-11:00am: 2.3: Hostess and the clowns blocked the last scene with all of them together.

11:00am-12:00pm: 4.7-4.8: Two scenes with a lot of traffic and people on stage were blocked and practiced.

12:00pm-12:30pm: 3.3: A french court scene with the King and Prince of France plotting how to deal with the English. 

2:00pm-5:00pm: Carter…and Meg workshop! The campers got to do scene work with two of the ASC troupe members. 


Today was a shorter rehearsal day because we had TWO workshops with members of the ASC residential troupe. 


Quick and Quotable


  • From the play: “I was not angry since I came to France”- Topher 
  • From the staff: “Montjoy on moat”- Daniel 
  • From the cast: Halfway through a scene “This is not my script” -Topher, 

“Wars over man” – Andrew, 

“Fluellen sounds southern not Welsh”, “He’s from the south of Welsh” – Maddie and Ella in the house


Production Insights 

The cast blocked and rehearsed various scenes today. We are preparing for the stumble-through on Wednesday and the off-book date on Friday. Carter and Meg worked on the first couple of scenes of the show with the cast. They help actors identify actions and objections that help the authenticity of the performance. Everyone worked very hard and made tremendous progress today, the show is coming together more and more every day!