Today’s Date: 8/2 /21

Photo of the Day: Brandon Carter, Analise (Boy), and Meg Rogers running Boy’s first speech during our last Acting Coaching (sadness)

What we did: We had a visit from the strange sword bandit, a mysterious force that crept into basecamp and hid one of our swords and tossed crowns and costume pieces about the room. We were startled by this visit, but we determined that it was someone from town that snuck into our headquarters. On a less stealthy note, in the morning we solidified the French camp scene, our camp song, the Battle of Agincourt, and Act 3 Scene 1. Then in the afternoon we did ensemble exercises and scene work with Carter. In the evening, we had our first dress rehearsal in the Blackfriars.

Quick and Quotable

  • From the play “No more cousin” – Orleans being a party pooper
  • From the cast “RATS, RATS, RATS, RATS, RATS, RATS!!!!!”  – overheard lunch conversation, there were no rats present though don’t worry. 

Production Insights: Today we did our first dress rehearsal in the Blackfriars! It was a big milestone for our company as production committees and actors because everything was put together in the space for the first time! Today was the first leap towards our full production and it went smoothly, with a couple hiccups of course. I felt the rhythm of the production start to pick up speed and gain energy because of the magic of Blackfriars and our hard work. I could feel the nerves and adrenaline of performing. It was comforting to be on a stage again after almost a year and a half of isolation. It was truly wonderful and chaotic to experience the workings of the complicated machine that is the blackfriars backstage, and we are navigating the space with little difficulty!