The cast sits on the stage during a line-through of the play.


6/28/2022 Rehearsal

The Winter’s Tale

Director: KP Powell

RDA Stage Manager: Keith Hale 

RDA Dramaturg: Kailey Potter 

Interns: Mary Rose Valentine, Margot Waldman, Topher Zane


Today we started with KP giving the cast notes from their recent run. Mary Rose went over props with the campers to make sure they understood where everything goes on the prop shelves. We worked on different technical aspects of the play including adjusting the blocking of the bear scene to be doable using the bear suit. Then we did a line-through of the show. For a line-through, the cast does not follow blocking and acting is not required. The purpose is to help them memorize their lines. Finally, we ran the preshow song with Mary Rose.

KP Powell gives notes to the cast.

The bear (Desi) and Antigonus (JD/Froggy) working on the bear scene with KP.


  • “We’re going to do everything again.” – KP
  • “Everything? (Just asking ’cause I wanted to practice that line again.)” – Hank


In the quote above, Hank advocated for himself wanting to work on a specific moment again. Self-advocating is extremely important in the rehearsal room. A director can’t know what an actor needs unless the actor tells them. KP has encouraged campers to speak up whenever they need support or just to work on something in particular.

Later tonight is our final run of the show in the playhouse. We will still have time to fix any problems that arise before the final performance. However, this run needs to be the best we have done so we can see what really needs to be worked on. To use a sports metaphor, it’s the fourth quarter with two minutes on the clock (or something). It’s time for everyone to step up and we have no doubt they all will.