Polixenes (Corinne), Camillo (Esme), Leontes (Donovan), Mamillius (Mayela), Hermione (Sophia), and Paulina (Hudson) in the first scene of the play.


6/25/2022 Rehearsal

The Winter’s Tale

Director: KP Powell

RDA Stage Manager: Keith Hale 

RDA Dramaturg: Kailey Potter 

Interns: Mary Rose Valentine, Margot Waldman, Topher Zane


Today was the campers first day without being able to call for line. We did a full run through of the show in the playhouse. Then Mary Rose worked with the campers on choreography for a festival scene so they could get practice performing it on the actual stage.


Quick and Quotable

  • “I get to go home!” -Esme

Camillo (Esme) is overjoyed when they get to go back to their home country of Sicilia. Without the ability to call for line, actors sometimes have to improvise to get through a scene. These words were not written by Shakespeare but it was certainly entertaining for the rest of the cast to hear them say them onstage.


The first day without calling line is always a stressful one for a cast. I can say from my own experience that losing the crutch of asking for a line is very scary. It feels sometimes like you’re stuck with no way out. For most performances, there will be no one there to ask for a line, so actors have to get used to these conditions. Directors will often put actors in this position well before the day of a first performance. KP certainly did, and the campers have another week to until the show. They have already begun to correct their mistakes with their lines and are working tirelessly to create the best show they can.