Photo of the Day: The Company practices the Masque.

Today’s Date: July 31, 2022

Show Title: The Tempest

Director: Camp Company!

RDA Stage Manager: Daniel Skinner

RDA Dramaturg: Devlin Ford

Stage Management Intern: Mary Rose Valentine

Dramaturgy Intern: Mia Randers-Pehrson

What we did

The Company decided what they wanted to run and got right into rehearsal. We spent the first hour working the storm at the top of the show. Then they ran the Masque before choreographing a clown moment in 2.2 and letting the bears get used to being bears.


The nymphs (Lucy and Analise) prepare.


A bear!!! And Ella.

But don’t worry, it’s just Gabe.

Quick and Quotable

  • From the play
    • “Work you then.” – Boatswain (Gabe)
  • From the company: 
    • *storm sounds* – Everyone

Production Insights 

An extra rehearsal! We managed to squeeze into the Blackfriars for an extra rehearsal block this evening (as requested by the Camp Company). The campers are revving up to for their dress rehearsal on Tuesday and are taking every chance they have to rehearse. They’re at a wonderful leaping off point and have so much energy from a relaxing weekend full of free time and actor meet and greets (!). They’re ready to spend this last week sharpening and polishing before the final performance in a week!