Photo of the Day: Lee (Ariel), Maddie (Prospero A), Lucy (Prospero 1), and Sakura (Miranda) prepare to review 1.2 (get into the right ‘spirit’ as it were — get it, because Ariel is a spirit).

Today’s Date: July 22, 2022

Show Title: The Tempest

Director: Camp Company!

RDA Stage Manager: Daniel Skinner

RDA Dramaturg: Devlin Ford

Stage Management Intern: Mary Rose Valentine

Dramaturgy Intern: Mia Randers-Pehrson

What we did

We had our morning meeting outside this morning! After checking-in and making our schedule the campers discussed their viewing of the ASC’s Thrive, or What You Will that they got the opportunity to see last night. After an insightful discussion about the heavy topics the play tackles (and perhaps some inspiration for island soundscapes and ship movements) Lia led the campers in a round of Zumba. The company chose to spend the first hour of morning rehearsal meeting with their respective committees. After a break they went back over 1.2 along with a few other Prospero moments. 

After lunch we started out by reviewing 1.1 and 5.1. Then the choreo and music committees talked the company through their ideas for 4.1b (the masque). After a break the clowns walked through their blocking.

The company blocks 5.1. From left to right: Sebastian (Ella), Antonio (Alex), Trinculo (Fenrir), Stephano (Poma), Caliban (Isabella), Prospero A (Maddie), Prospero 1 (Lucy), Ariel (Lee), Boatswain (Gabe), and Shipmaster (Lilah).

The clowns take center stage (or technically stage right)! From left to right: Stephano (Poma), Trinculo (Fenrir), and an out-of-character Isabella (playing Caliban).

Quick and Quotable

  • From the play
    • “How now, moodie?” – Prospero A (Maddie)
    • “Haue you a minde to sinke?” – Boatswain (Gabe)
  • From the company: 
    • “Stop weaponizing my gingerness!” – Lucy 

Production Insights

The campers are DOING THE THING. They have taken charge of the work and shapes are starting to become acting choices. Music has also started to pop-up throughout the play (Ariel’s ukulele plucking and masque revels). Things are starting to feel like a play and it’s wonderful to see the progress the company is making every day.