Photo of the Day: The Prospero’s (Maddie and Lucy) play music for the dance in the Masque.

Today’s Date: August 2, 2022

Show Title: The Tempest

Director: Camp Company!

RDA Stage Manager: Daniel Skinner

RDA Dramaturg: Devlin Ford

Stage Management Intern: Mary Rose Valentine

Dramaturgy Intern: Mia Randers-Pehrson

What we did

Today was a very big day! We started off with our usual morning meeting where we checked-in and scheduled our day. Our morning rehearsal block started out by running a brief fight moment in a clown scene. We then moved into some blade training with the Neapolitans (how DO you hold a dagger?) while the clowns worked 2.2. Then some actors worked on the music in the Masque while Miranda and Ferdinand took the stage to work intimacy. After a break the Company came back together to work 3.3 followed by 4.1.

After lunch, we had committee time! The campers were able to check-in with their mentors and finish up their committee work. Among other things this included last touches to costumes, figuring out a complicated prop maneuver and stage dressing, running music and the storm, and so much more. 

Dinner was followed by our dress rehearsal!

Quick and Quotable

  • From the play
    • “What have we here, a man, or a fish? Dead or alive?” – Trinculo (Fenrir)
  • From the company: 
    • “Yes sir, Mr. Costumes sir!” – Maddie (at costumes committee)

Lia works with the clowns on audience contact!