Today’s Date: 6/29/23

Show Title: Cymbeline

Director: Emily MacLeod

Staff Crew: Ronee Goldman, Austen Bell, Rowen Jackson, Scarlet Frishman

What we did


After stretching and another round of Whoosh Ball with Austen, the cast split up; Mimi, Summer, and Alan went with Austen to work on one of the songs in the show, and the rest of the cast sat down to do table work! We read through each scene with the original Shakespearean text, then we read out loud of the paraphrases that each actor wrote for their character(s). 

Quick and Quotable

  • “Britain’s a world by itself” – This is one of the most famous lines from the script and has some serious plot implications. I love it very much.
  • “You’ve gotta stop inviting Iachimo to these parties” – Emily
  • “Full of rage but I’m still… sexy” -Casey (as Cloten)

Production Insights 


Today was a Dramaturg’s dream. We all sat around and paraphrased the script and talked about subtext and definitions for pretty much the entire rehearsal. I get so much joy from sharing my love for this play, and we got an entire rehearsal to do that today! I try not to be too nit-picky about meanings, but I’m grateful that the cast seems receptive to learning. Today the cast also got to see my Dramaturgy packet for the first time, and I was really happy that they got to enjoy my pride and joy.