Today’s Date: 7/3/23

Show Title: Cymbeline

Director: Emily MacLeod

Staff Crew: Ronee Goldman, Austen Bell, Rowen Jackson, Scarlet Frishman

What we did

Our cast began our week of rehearsals in the playhouse, and our time began with taking headshots for the program! After that we reviewed some blocking from last week and began costume fittings. After a break the costumes continued, new blocking was given, and our cave-people finalized their song!

Quick and Quotable

  • “His meanest garments” -our modern translation of this line is “his rattiest, dirtiest, most nasty t-shirt”
  • “We’re gonna kick their butts- sorry, their back-pelvises” -Emily

Production Insights 

Playhouse rehearsals are always really exciting. The space is so special and the time is so valuable that these rehearsals seem to fly! Our cast has been working really hard on their lines, as off-book is Wednesday! It is amazing to see the support they’re giving to each other during this process- I am constantly turning corners to find cast members tucked away studying lines together, and it fills me with pride all over again. I also loved rehearsal today because I got to assist with more music, but this was the most fun kind: The campers made up the tune completely (using Shakespeare’s lyrics) and I got to help with the fine polishing. I genuinely cannot wait for all of you to see the amazing work these kids are putting in.