Today’s Date: 7/12/23


Director: Natasia Reinhardt

Staff Crew: Assistant Directors: Cole Metz and Liv Meredith. Dramaturg: Eli Dietrich. Stage Manager: Lillian Malone.


What we did 

For today’s rehearsal, we filed out of Hunt dining hall to go to Grafton Library for our rehearsal. After ordering into the elevator and taking our cast to the top floor, we began warm-up and line notes. Line notes consisted of our assistant director Liv Meredith walking us through which lines we lost or couldn’t hear during yesterday’s dress. After notes, we worked on a couple of scenes at the end of the play. This is because we had done rehearsal chronologically, meaning that the play’s last scenes were the ones we had rehearsed the least. This went extremely well, and I think many clarifying questions were answered. Towards the end of rehearsal, we began choreographing the second half of our show song.

  • From the play “Ooo, you’re my best friend” is a quote from our show song (extra points if you can guess which). Today’s photo of the day is also from this part of our show song. 
  • From the director The choreography that Natasia did today was wonderful. To not spoil it, I’ll say that our first song is a happy-go-lucky sounding one, and then it is mashed up with a very serious and “rage-filled” one. The effect of having both scenes choreographed gave me chills. 
  • From the cast Zyir and I talked about Octavius Caesar, otherwise known as Augustus, in rehearsal today. Making a choice to be incredibly angry and serious was something that he was able to implement really well. 


Production Insights 

Everybody is decompressing after yesterday’s long day, but that doesn’t mean that the campers aren’t giving it their all. Regardless of people, of course, being tired, I really appreciate all the hard work they continue to do. Today’s post is a bit smaller, as t’was with rehearsal.