Today’s Date: 7/8/23

Show Title: Cymbeline

Director: Emily MacLeod

Staff Crew: Ronee Goldman, Austen Bell, Rowen Jackson, Scarlet Frishman


What we did

We spent rehearsal today broken out into smaller groups, doing a variety of different activities! We had a group running lines, a group working on stage with Emily, a group working on acting choices with Michael Blackwood, and others bouncing around between everything. These rehearsals end up feeling scattered sometimes, since we aren’t all together as a group, but the work really pays off when we get to show each other what we worked on during the next rehearsal!


Quick and Quotable

  • “Still I swear I love you” -A line that is much funnier in context, which our cast has been finding especially funny recently.
  • “I am not going to kiss you and you are not going to hit me. ~acting~!” -A hilarious moment of realization between Lee (Iachimo) and Lucy (Imogen).

Production Insights 

Everyone was pretty tired today. The kids had a rehearsal in the morning at the playhouse for showcase tomorrow, so the group energy was pretty low. However, our cast tried really hard to give their all and get great work done during rehearsal. We still had plenty of laughs while working on physicalization, voice, and intention. I sincerely hope you all come see showcase tomorrow, or watch the live stream!