Today’s Date: 7/11/23


Director: Natasia Reinhardt

Staff Crew: Assistant Directors: Cole Metz and Liv Meredith. Dramaturg: Eli Dietrich. Stage Manager: Lillian Malone.


What we did 

Three rehearsals, including dress! Today the campers had probably their most intense (and rewarding) day yet. Starting with music rehearsal in the morning after their class with Michael Blackwood, the campers got their show song down and even practiced and created some choreography. This was a blast, and they sound amazing! After a break for lunch, the campers headed down to the playhouse to have their first full rehearsal of the day. Natasia did a stop-and-start run through the whole play, which entails that we stopped when something needed to be cleaned up and started from the same place. This kind of run allowed us to take an accurate time of the play length. While the campers were excited about this, it was nothing compared to their excitement for the all-camp dress rehearsal. O, the all-camp dress rehearsal! What a show. After the campers got done with dinner, after their first rehearsal, they all piled into the playhouse to do our first full run of the camp festival. IT WENT AMAZING. The campers did an awe-inspiring job with both shows. Caesar’s cast shined bright. The campers were, of course, stressed, and our cast had never run their performance in its entirety without stops. Regardless of all factors, the night was a resounding success.

  • From the play “They shouted thrice” is what Caska says to Brutus. I wanted to add it today… because we did three rehearsals.
  • From the director Lia (camp director, it counts), said today that the dress rehearsal was “one of, if not the best” dress run that camp has had. 
  • From the cast It is entirely expected for campers not to be entirely off-book, and campers’ pure professionality in calling lines was amazing. As actors, we are encouraged to stay in character when we ask stage management for our line, and these campers took that initiative so well. 


Production Insights 

I was so excited after today that I wrote a (kinda) Shakespearean sonnet about it. 


In fair Virginia, where the Bard’s words thrive

Midst the Blackfriars’ ancient(ish), hallowed halls

The American Shakespeare Center’s grand dive 

Where dreams take flight and passion gently calls.


The theater camp, a realm of joyous glee

With Cymbeline and Caesar’s tales, we soared

The campers, with their talent, did decree

A symphony of art that left us floored.


Mysterious it was, both shows in stride 

Took equal time upon the sacred stage

As if, through fate, their destinies did ride

An hour and twenty did each show engage.


As staff, ’twas fun to guide these eager hearts

And watch them flourish with their Shakespearean arts.