Today’s Date: 7/15/23


Director: Natasia Reinhardt

Staff Crew: Assistant Directors: Cole Metz and Liv Meredith. Dramaturg: Eli Dietrich. Stage Manager: Lillian Malone.

What we did 

Now is the winter of our… summer time. Today’s rehearsal was a real tearjerker, being the last one and all. We began the day with an exercise run by Cole, where he again instructed the campers in a guided warm-up walk around the room. We then ran through the entire show, which the campers NAILED. They did so well that many of the notes we had were positive, and the rest were things to look at but not negative at all. After all of this, we ended rehearsal with a practice of our show song before taking a group picture (picture of the day).

  • From the play “Come let’s away, To part the glories of this happy day” Is the last line of Julius Caesar. It, of course, is wholly relevant today. 
  • From the director Natasia wishes the campers the best after their last rehearsal with her. Among her comments in the notes section was a few heart-touching words about how much the experience means to her. I’m sure we can all share her sentiment. 
  • From the cast The campers took notes we gave yesterday super well. Today’s run felt incredible to see, and we could tell the hard work they put in is paying off. 


Production Insights 

I am going to miss this cast. Through the last three weeks, these campers came into a show that is regarded as extremely hard to stage. I have directed Julius Caesar before, and the pure task that it becomes is daunting to many. Through Natasia’s wonderful directing skills and understanding of this play, through to the quick and efficient work the campers put in, I think tomorrow’s show will be consecrated appropriately in camp memory. Vale amici.