Hey crew! Hope all is well with you– it certainly is here at #ASCTC2023!! Today we’ve got an exciting round up of our super successful Showcase yesterday morning, the continuing fun of rehearsals, and a look at the [final] week ahead.

Campers had a blast running, yelling, and getting all tangled up in love quadrangles on the Blackfriars stage yesterday!


First things first: we hope you enjoyed (and were able to watch) yesterday’s Showcase. If you don’t remember, Showcase was a selection of scenes selected and directed by RDAs to challenge campers in preparation for their big performances next weekend! Campers performed some of the best bits from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Richard III, Love’s Labors Lost, Romeo & Juliet, As You Like It and Macbeth.

From rehearsal…


The show closed with our all-camp song, “Make them Gold” by the band CHVRCHES. Camp staff worked with this group of wonderfully musical kids to bring the acoustic, artistic, and imaginative rendition to life.

…to performance!


After the performance, campers got to eat ice cream and either spend some time with family and friends or relax before our second archive movie night. Last night, our archival watch was the ASC’s 2021 production of Macbeth. The campers loved the show’s elaborate costumes and rollicking sword fights– and now that they’ve got a performance in the Blackfriars Playhouse under their belt, campers understand a lot better the skills they’ll need to succeed in that space (and how fun it is to perform with the lights on!).

I believe the direction was, “Oh no, someone’s about to cut off Macbeth’s head!”


Today marks the start of our third, and final, week at camp. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s just flown by! Rehearsals for Caesar and Cymbeline continue in a big way– our first dress rehearsal is tomorrow night– and later this week, campers will also have the chance to perform music for some big ASC audiences! And that’s not to mention the talent show!

Cymbeline director Emily Macleod offers instructions at a rehearsal in the Playhouse


So stay tuned for all that and more over the next few days; on Wednesday, we’ll be releasing details and answering questions about the big show next weekend, and on Saturday we’ll do a look back over what’s sure to be an exciting few days. See you then!

Showcase audience cheering for a #GloriousSummer