Staging Session 3 – Robert Greene’s (Possibly) George a Greene, the Pinner of Wakefield, presented by Liza Graham

Liza Graham immediately answered one main question in her argument for George a Greene, the Pinner of Wakefield, written possibly by Robert Greene. Why should one do this play? Because it is fun! She proposes that it is a stupid play, with stupid used as immense praise. She says, “When characters are stupid enough, anything can happen.” The text is short, but full of heart. And there is so much room for play, (including music, slow-motion fighting, and even dance battles), which would come alive in the American Shakespeare Center’s space. She also argues for the accessibility of the play, specifically for Staunton’s audience. In prior shows here, Graham noted the laughter at farm jokes, setting the crowds here apart from those in larger metropolitan areas. The same material would exist within the world of this play, making it readily understandable and enjoyable to audiences here. This play is a world of working-class heroes and royal villains, which is a story that can be appreciated today.