Today’s Date: July 4


Show Title: Troilus and Cressida

Director: Mili Konceliik

Assistant Directors: Marielle Buxbaum and Austen Bell

Stage Manager: Amy Hartt

Dramaturg: A H. Poma

What we did

We once again began with a spirited game of Eastenders, our start of rehearsal ritual. We then went directly into figuring out the transition from the prologue into Act 1. Mili worked with the entire cast to create the prologue’s ending picture, then moved on to starting Act 1. After we finished Act 1, we moved into Act 2 with haste, then capped off rehearsal with Eastenders again.

Quick and Quotable

  • From the Play
    • “Cry Trojans, cry!” – Cassandra

Cassandra’s attempt at warning her family of their city’s disastrous fate.

  • From the Assistant Director
    • “Notice me senpai” – Austen, catcalling Paris 
  • From the Cast
    • “And you’re gonna fight the door open” “Cool, I already do that.” – Mili, Max

Production Insights 

We all came into the playhouse with a mission, and we completed so many more missions than planned. Costumes were pulled and two acts were blocked. Seeing their classes and lectures from outside affect the rehearsal room is a privilege to watch. Every camper bring their own creativity into the blocking, like Max choosing an entrance for herself as Cassandra or Cressida (Olivia Rose) finding when she needs to ally with the audience.

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