Today our campers got to learn about

The costumes, props, and scansion of our stage.

Behind the scenes of Shakespeare’s greatest plays,

We use these things bring to life the page!


Rehearsals done this morning, we ate lunch

Outdoors in boxes marked “to go”

Or as a nerd might say, our campers had

Their luncheon a la carte and al fresco.


The Comedy of Errors had free time

While those in Troilus went to scansion class.

This scansion workshop showed the Cressid cast

That many lines of Shakespeare are in verse!

Specifically, iambic pentameter.

(That line’s irregular – they learned that too!)

It must be acted ere it may be scanned


Then more free time – alas! Macbeth observing –

And then a trip to prop shop to learn props.

One Conrade (Master Gentleman or not)

Showed them the making of a vital prop,

From which at least one camper did emerge

With new career goals – namely, making props!

Is this the shop that made a thousand props?


Forthwith upon this exeunt from the shoppe,

We hastened to the Friday Night Lights On

Where members of the self-named “Costume Coven”

Explained how they made costumes for each show!

Our Campers asked them many questions, like

“Which costumes were your favourite to make?”

“Do costumes mimic history faithfully?”

Makes falls, and tires, and bodies for ladies, or so.


Then off to dine once more in the fresh air

Some breakfast foods replaced the normal shawarma;

Our lullabies tonight were foul and fair

Four Lady Macs sang Britt Smith’s hit song Karma.

My tale is done, and much to my sweet sorrow,

I bid this blog goodnight till it be morrow.

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