Today’s Date: Tuesday, July 9

Show Title: The Comedy of Errors

Director: Natasia Reinhardt

Staff Crew: Scarlet Frishman, Sam Grocock (RDAs), Isabella Pizzitola, Naomi Stephenson (interns)


what we did

Today was a very exciting day, because we have finished blocking the show! We also ran through Acts IV and V. Midway through rehearsal, campers had their class with Summer England. In the afternoon, we had a make-up hour of rehearsal where we worked more on music. The preshow song and dance is really coming together. Some campers also had time to work on memorization and monologues. Here are some pictures from rehearsal today!



Music rehearsal

A lovely comedic height difference moment

Dromio levitating


production insights

This is a really interesting part of the process, as blocking concludes and actors look at their scripts less. It now feels as though we have a complete skeleton of a show, and the next several rehearsals will be spent filling out all the details. I was lucky to get to coach some actors through their monologues today, and seeing how quickly they could make adjustments based on discoveries within the text was very inspiring. I was also really wowed by the preshow song. I don’t know much about music, and seeing how quickly the piece came together was extremely impressive. I can’t wait to keep honing details and finding more moments of hilarity moving forward, and I am super excited for our first full run of the show!


quote of the day

“Who wants a kazoo solo?” – Joan

“I should see MANY hands up” – Natasia


See you tomorrow!

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