Today’s Date: Friday, July 5

Show Title: The Comedy of Errors

Director: Natasia Reinhardt

Staff Crew: Scarlet Frishman and Sam Grocock (RDAs); Isabella Pizzitola and Naomi Stephenson (Interns)


What we did

We started rehearsal by blocking the first two scenes of Act IV. Some campers also did individual text, monologue, and memorization work. Next, Joan led the campers in music rehearsal, and they worked through the rest of the show song. Finally, the campers learned the choreography for their end of show line dance. Here are some pictures from dance rehearsal!


Production Insights

Something that’s been a real highlight for me is seeing how much campers’ performances improve after they go in depth into their text. I got to work with Gal, our amazing Luciana, on one of her big monologues, and seeing how quickly she was able to add depth and clear beats to the monologue after doing some text work was amazing. I was also impressed by how quickly Natasia taught the dance, and how quickly the campers picked up the choreography. Learning happens so fast here, and it feels like we can accomplish in one day what would normally take a week.

Quote of the day:

“Antipholus is too big for his britches” – Sanchez


There is no rehearsal tomorrow, so I’ll see you on Sunday!

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