Today’s Date:  July 4, 2024

Show Title: The Comedy of Errors

Director: Natasia Reinhardt

Staff Crew: Sam Grocock and Scarlett Frishman (RDAs), Isabella Pizzitola and Naomi Stephenson (Interns)


What we did:

Today was all about blocking! We completed our blocking for Act III, then ran through everything we have blocked so far. Some campers also got time working on physicality, monologues, and text. At the end of rehearsal, campers practiced their show song. Here are some photos from today!

Act 1 Scene 1!

“Nell, sir”

Act 3 Scene 2!

Production insights:

I am so impressed by all the clowning in the room during rehearsal! Everyone is making bold and hilarious choices. I’ve also really been learning how much can be accomplished when everyone in the room is so passionate about the work they are doing and so determined to make everything come together. It’s hard to believe that it’s only our third day of rehearsal, and we’re already able to run through Acts 1-3. Oh, and the play is pretty funny.

Quote of the day: 

“Consider muppets” – Natasia

See you tomorrow!

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