Today’s main discovery: a play about two sets of identical twins is confusing!

We had two rehearsals today, one morning and one evening. Morning rehearsal was dedicated to learning the plot of the play. Using the scene summaries in the dramaturgy packet, campers created tableaustries for every single scene. There was great hilarity watching them paraphrase their lines and improvise on the spot.

Evening rehearsal we started putting the play on its feet! There was more movement work fun as campers came together to create a movement piece to help aid the storytelling of Act 1 Scene 1. We had a highly emotional Jailer, some pregnancy posing, and lots of ambient Italian noise.

Here are some rehearsal pictures from today:

Natasha beholds the chaos

When a woman you’ve never met tells you that you’re her husband

Getting the play on its feet, featuring Ellie as Egeon!


Mastering the plot and context of The Comedy of Errors is no easy feat, and it’s a journey the campers have all jumped into.

Other highlights from today include an intimacy masterclass from our very own director, Natasia Reinhardt, a voice class, music rehearsal with Joan, and many Comedy of Errors themed TikToks.

And now, good night unto you all! I’ll be back tomorrow with more rehearsal shenanigans.

Quote of the Day: “Oh my god, it’s Titanic” – Gal 

(Want more context? See the show!)

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