Today’s Date: July 10


Show Title: Troilus and Cressida

Director: Mili Konceliik

Assistant Directors: Marielle Buxbaum and Austen Bell

Stage Manager: Amy Hartt

Dramaturg: A H. Poma

What we did

Today was a very busy day. We gratefully began with our classic game of Eastenders! Once that was finished we were split into three groups; One in the black box to do Intimacy work, one in the studio to do fight choreography, and then one more outside doing textwork. Mili, Marielle, and Amy were in the blackbox working the scene when Cressida arrives at the Greek camp and a scene between Troilus and Cressida. Jake was in the studio finishing up some fight specifics, while Austen and I were outside working with the rotating campers on line memorization, projection, and embodying our words. At the end, we all came back together to complete the Prologue and then ended rehearsal early. 

Quick and Quotable

  • From the Play 
    • “I’ll take that winter from your lips, fair lady.” – Achilles

This comes from 4.5, when Cressida arrives in the Greek Camp and Achilles tries to kiss her.

  • From the Cast
    • “He thinks he’s a straight white dad, but he’s not” – Pax
    • *A random, loud, thunderous noise* “God?” “Zeus?” – Poma, Audrey

Production Insights 

On the textwork side of everything, the understanding is still growing, and are all working through how we show our understanding to the audience so that they can understand. Seeing everyone have their blocking done, and most of their lines memorized is really showing how ready these campers are to perform. All they need from now on is to polish and we will have a beautiful show. 

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