Today’s Date: Wednesday, July 10

Show Title: The Comedy of Errors

Director: Natasia Reinhardt

Staff Crew: Scarlet Frishman, Sam Grocock (RDAs), Isabella Pizzitola, Naomi Stephenson (interns)


what we did

Today was all about transitions! Specifically, transitions between scenes, moving set pieces, and fun moments of blocking that can be found in transitional moments. We blocked all major transitions today. Then, choreography was finalized for our opening dance number, and campers continued to practice the show song with Joan. Here are some photos from today!

A moment of transition

Campers levitating during the dance number

Ellie on the guitar!

Sophie on the tambourine!

James on the kazoo!

production insights

Today, I learned how small details can absolutely elevate a show to the next level. I was initially wondering if transition work would take up the whole rehearsal time, but I quickly learned that nailing these moments is essential. It means that throughout the show, the energy never drops. Otherwise mundane moments like scene changes become little gems of comedy. I’m so impressed by the campers’ willingness to jump in where needed and try new things. Oh, and the dance looks great!

quote of the day:

“I’m just a poor orphan mermaid boy” – Annabelle

Tomorrow is a busy day of rehearsal, and I’ll be back and blogging!

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