Actors' Renaissance Summer

ASC returns with a three-show summer season!

Chris Johnston and Zoe Speas. Photo by Lindsey Walters.


Enhance your experience with ASC Education!

Photo by Lindsey Walters

A special Live@Blackfriars Concert and Dr. Ralph Presents Series

Chris Johnston


by William Shakespeare



Electrifying and immediate, Macbeth plunges headlong into the darkest depths of the human condition and the toxic underbelly of politics and warfare—with murder begetting murder, and blood thirsting for blood. This twisted tale ends as it began, in the manifestation of a dark prophecy; with one final, fatal blow, the light prevails and tomorrow dawns anew.

Actors' Renaissance Summer
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Henry V

by William Shakespeare



In this final, epic installment of Shakespeare’s Henriad trilogy, ASC veteran Brandon Carter leads “once more unto the breach” as King Henry V—one of the greatest monarchs in English history. Swashbuckling adventure and romance burst at the seams of this the most exciting of Shakespeare’s histories, which ends, as so many of the great stories do, in a wedding.

Actors' Renaissance Summer
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All's Well That Ends Well

by William Shakespeare



Helena has a heart that will not be denied. All’s Well That Ends Well upends and reexamines the love story, reveling in the imperfection. Part fairy tale, part farce, and all heart, this often-overlooked masterpiece takes audiences on a hilarious journey through courtship and class, danger and desire, and ridicule and (if the title proves true) redemption.

Actors' Renaissance Summer
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The Education Team takes the practices of the rehearsal room and introduces them to participants in this exciting series of workshops. This flexible course is for all ages, plus participants get a free digital ticket to a BlkFrsTV streaming production. April 2021: Henry V SHXCademies

April 2021
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SHXTeach at ASC

SHXClass & SHXTeach

ASC now offers services for teachers virtually. With us, educators can take a break and let ASC Education Artists engage your classroom on the themes you’ve selected. Or, grow as an educator and enhance your curriculum with seminars taught by our experienced team.

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Live @ Blackfriars

Join ASC music maestro Chris Johnston and special guests for a free, monthly concert from the Blackfriars stage, streamed live on ASC’s Facebook!

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SHXCamp 2021

Speak the Speech

Spend a week with ASC and take a deep dive into Macbeth. We will explore how ASC actors prepare for a role, work with Mya Gosling (Good Tickle Brain) to visualize using cartoons, make the character our own with Devon Glover (The Sonnet Man), and perform our speeches for one another on the final day--sign up now to get your own SHXBag with the essentials for the week and a gift to keep.
This camp is entirely virtual and is ideal for campers ages 11 and up. Camp will meet daily from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Zoom details will be sent by our Education team). $300 per camper

June 14th - June 18th
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ASC at MBU's Rose Terrace

Announcing ASC's Summer 2021 Outdoor Venue! This open, yet intimate experience is the perfect backdrop for Shakespeare’s mystical and bloody tragedy, Macbeth.

Playhouse Tours

Our ASC Education Tour Guides will take you up, down, and around the world's only re-creation of Shakespeare's indoor playhouse and share secrets and anecdotes from the past and the present.

Prep for the Play: Henry V

Join team Education for a crash course in ASC’s approach to Shakespeare’s text with four interactive workshops that will hone your textual toolkit and help you approach the play like an actor! Choose one workshop or all four!

Become Ingrained

When you support American Shakespeare Center, you become ingrained in the Blackfriars Playhouse. Join us by making your tax-deductible donation today.

ASC SafeStart

ASC was among the first companies in North America to return to live performance with our innovative & evolving SafeStart Plan. Learn more & explore our calendar...