Personal and Professional Development

Education forms half of the American Shakespeare Center‘s mission, and our stellar Programming Team produces meaningful events for all ages, based in scholarship, and tied to the titles of our season and the canon as a whole.

Personal Development

Prep for the Play

A three night crash course in ASC’s approach to the text with four interactive workshops that will help you approach the play like an actor, deepening your understanding of the play and enriching your experience when you visit us to see the show. Meeting on Zoom, there is a Prep for the Play for each of our 2022 titles, and each night covers a different topic. Join for one night or all three!

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Friday Night Lights On

A weekly series of lectures, panel, and workshops featuring a line up of scholars, industry experts, ASC familiar faces, and powerful partnerships. On the Blackfriars stage every Friday of our show weeks at 5:00 PM.

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No Kidding Shakespeare

Become part of our repertory: Join in the fun and perform on the Blackfriars Stage along with ASC Education Artists and other special guests. The No Kidding Drama Club meets to read and rehearse a classic play – Fletcher and Massinger’s The Sea Voyage, in keeping with the nautical themes of Shakespeare’s Pericles and The Tempest – for four Saturday mornings, with one staged reading on Tuesday October 25 at 7:30pm.

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Professional Development

Teacher Seminars

Spend a weekend at the Blackfriars Playhouse where you will rediscover the joy and accessibility of teaching Shakespeare. Beginning Friday afternoon and ending Sunday, this weekend is curated with workshops, lectures, performances, and more with our team of Shakespeare performance and scholarship experts.

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