RenAISSANCE Weekend: April 3-April 5

All events take place at the Blackfriars Playhouse unless otherwise noted. 


Dr. Ralph Presents, 5:00pm
Join Jim Wilson and John Harrell for a discussion of Directorless Ensembles.

Dr. Ralph Presents Extended Experience, 6:00pm
Sorrels Lounge, inside the Stonewall Jackson Hotel
Come next door to continue the conversation over cocktails and small bites. 

Performance of Much Ado About Nothing, 7:30pm
Feel the joy of love won and the ache of love lost as this story makes you laugh, breaks your heart, and then somehow puts it back together again in Shakespeare’s tale of trickery and true love.


Spend the day with us to experience Prince Hal’s full journey from wayward youth to King. 

Performance of Henry IV, Part I, 2:00pm
Shakespeare’s masterful tale of family and friends, honor and happiness, and those moments when we are forced to choose between the thing we desire and the thing we know we must do.

Community Table, 5:00pm
Aioli Restaurant, 29 N Augusta Street
Book your seats for a three-course prix fixe dinner. Turn strangers into friends as you break bread with fellow audience members and ASC special guests. (Menu options will be sent in advance.)
Limited seats available! 

Performance of Henry IV, Part II, 7:30pm
While young Prince Hal follows the path toward kingship under the eye of his father, the aging Falstaff drinks and starts trouble. The satisfying end to a tale too full of adventure to be told in just one play…


Discovery Space at 11:00am — Cue Scripts & A King And No King
On Sunday mornings, ASC Education staff or special guests lead you on an exciting adventure to explore one of the season’s shows through an ever-changing lens!

Performance of A King & No King, 2:00pm
Travel to the land of Iberia—a sort of adult Never-Never-Land—where King Arbaces’ royal dilemmas include marrying off his sister before his own feelings for her get in the way and a murderous plot against him hatched by his own mother. Rarely performed, this Jacobean masterwork is a wickedly funny complement to the Shakespeare classics explored in this Actors’ Renaissance.

Ren Run: A Chaste Maid In Cheapside, 7:00pm
Though considered among the best and most memorable Jacobean comedies, Middleton’s masterpiece A Chaste Maid in Cheapside is rarely performed today. ASC’s signature Renaissance Run (“Ren Run”) of this delightful script may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Watch as our skilled actors, scripts in hand, navigate the multiple plots and dramatic ironies of this romp through the city of Cheapside. Showcasing the best of what ASC can do and fulfilling our mission to explore the language of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, this limited run of A Chaste Maid in Cheapside is not to be missed.

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