Give your students a trip abroad – no passport required.

join the American Shakespeare Center for an interactive, personalized dive into Shakespeare.

Our student matinee series is one of the best ways to bring Shakespeare to life for your students. Whether it’s a first-time visit to a performing art venue for your students to experience the live arts, or an opportunity to bring the page to life as a supplement to your curriculum, the student matinee series has something for every class. Let our actors bring light to the world of Shakespeare and many other titles that align with your lesson plans in a way that will illuminate the lessons of humanity and leave the next generation with a deep appreciation for the beauty of these timeless works.

Your experience begins with a performance in the world’s only re-creation of Shakespeare’s indoor theatre, the Blackfriars Playhouse.  With a Student Matinee booking, you’ll receive a free study guide to supplement your lesson plans and unleash the wonder of Shakespeare in the classroom before and after the show.

By putting words into action, our comprehensive approach sends students back to the classroom with a fresh look and appreciation for curriculum titles (and more).  Your customizable visit starts at just $19 per student.

Customize your experience

In addition to world-class performances, we offer behind-the-scenes tours of the playhouse, as well as hands-on workshops on topics intended to cure your students’ ShakesFear.  Add one or more of these options to your visit to create a learning adventure for your class unlike any other.


Through our generous grant from NEA, Shakespeare in American Communities, we are happy to extend financial assistance for schools meeting the criteria for subsidy funding. Funding is now available in 2018 for Hamlet and Macbeth! If your school may be eligible, please take a moment to submit an application for review.

Homeschool Days

Three times each year, we offer special student matinee performance dates for homeschool families and co-ops.  Homeschool Days include workshops, playhouse tours, and lunch at the Stonewall Jackson.  Contact our group sales department for more information.

I want to bring my students to the Blackfriars Playhouse

Upcoming & Current Matinee Offerings

hamlet american shakespeare center

January - April, 2018

Student Matinee


Hamlet struggles to discern reality from illusion in the rotten state of Denmark as he copes with the loss of his father, his mother's remarriage, and life's biggest questions.

american shakespeare center macbeth

April - May, 2018

Student Matinee


From the first words of the play until the title character loses his head, Shakespeare's shortest tragedy is also his most unrelenting examination of the dark side of humanity.

american shakespeare center taming of the shrew

April - May, 2018

Student Matinee


This hilarious comedy is much more than a battle of the sexes; it is also a profound look at the necessity of play in our lives.