Reignite your passion for teaching Shakespeare.

Join us for a weekend at the Blackfriars Playhouse where you will rediscover the joy and accessibility of teaching Shakespeare. Led by our Shakespeare and Performance experts (including Co-Founder and Director of Mission Dr. Ralph Cohen, Director of Education Sarah Enloe, and our team of Education Artists), these hands-on seminars will reignite your passion for Shakespeare’s words, characters, and themes. Our practical approach will send you back to the classroom equipped to make Shakespeare’s 16th-century lessons engaging for your 21st-century students.

These play-specific seminars focus on making the language and theatrical elements of Shakespeare relevant and exciting in the classroom. You’ll leave with a toolbox of techniques to remove your students’ “ShakesFear” and replace it with enthusiasm to explore these timeless works.

Upcoming SeminarS:

Shakespeare’s women in the #METOO Moment

May 17–18

Shakespeare crafted multidimensional women who embodied the fight, both for themselves and their allies, as paralleled in the #MeToo Moment. From false accusations and violence to adultery and distrust, we invite you to explore the fruitful lessons of Shakespeare’s women through the lens of this modern movement. Unpacking these characters and their dilemmas will provide takeaways to connect your students to the text and empower them to discover their unique voice. CEUs = 8+

Roman Plays: Julius Caesar & Antony and Cleopatra

July 18-20

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

September 6-7

Teaching the Next Shakespeare

November 15-16

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