Explore how to stage and teach classic comedic tropes like doubling and slapstick violence, and learn how to use comedy as a teaching tool for Shakespeare’s words and characters.

Saturday, September 1

9:00–9:40am  Welcome & Introductions

9:40–11:00am  What is up with all that rhyme?

11:15am–12:30pm  Doubling Down

2:00pm  Antigone (add-on)

7:30pm  Comedy of Errors (included in your registration)

Sunday, September 2

9:00–9:15am Critics’ Circle

9:15–10:30am  Staging Violence in the Classroom

10:45am–12:00pm  Classical Connections

12:00–12:30pm  Debrief and Take-Aways

7:30pm  The Winter’s Tale (add-on)