May 21, 2024

From Hedgepig’s Expand the Canon lists

Join ASC on Tuesday, May 21 at 7:30 PM for an exciting staged reading performance of the 1798 play Adelinda: A Comedy by Hannah Brand, a play from Hedgepig’s Expand the Canon lists and performed in partnership with Mary Baldwin University. Come enjoy a rare opportunity to see this underproduced treasure of a play thanks to our partners at Hedgepig Ensemble! This event is FREE but we do require an advanced RSVP.


Adelinda: A Comedy by Hannah Brand is a delightful theatrical work that offers audiences a witty and entertaining exploration of love, intrigue, and mistaken identities. Set in a world of elegant balls, romantic rendezvous, and unexpected twists of fate, Brand’s play follows the adventures of its spirited heroine, Adelinda, as she navigates the complexities of courtship and society. With its clever dialogue, charming characters, and humorous situations, Adelinda captivates audiences with its blend of romance, comedy, and social commentary. As Adelinda and her companions navigate the pitfalls of love and the machinations of matchmaking, they discover that true happiness often lies in unexpected places. With its timeless themes and sparkling wit, Adelinda is a comedic gem that continues to entertain and delight audiences with its playful exploration of the human heart.


Both a celebration and a call to action, Expand the Canon demands space in the canon of classics for more diverse women playwrights through history, many of whom were underproduced or utterly un-produced in their lifetimes. How? Each year, Hedgepig Ensemble releases a curated list of 9 excellent classic plays by women from 1600-1980, curated by a committee of 30+ professionals and educators. Why? Because by re-casting the past, we can re-shape the future. By insisting that excellent works by a diverse group of gender expansive playwrights be regarded as classics, we can redefine theatre’s values. And by staging these stories in our communities, we can shift culture. Visit to view all 36 classic plays you should know!

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