Dates and Details for Shakespeare’s New Contemporaries Year Three’s Application Cycle coming soon!

Have questions about the application process?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or email us.

PLEASE NOTE: The information below reflects the application cycle for Year Two and is for reference purposes only.

Before submitting, confirm that your play meets our qualifications:

  • The play must be written for a cast of 10-12 actors.
  • The play must be able to be performed with minimal sets.
  • The play must be able to be performed with universal (shared) lighting.
  • The play must be able to be performed with any and all music and sound effects created in real time, unplugged, and by members of the acting troupe.
  • The play must be 2(ish) hours long.
  • The play must be inspired by or in conversation with OthelloHenry IV, Part 2A Midsummer Night’s Dream; or Cymbeline.
  • The play must have not yet had a professional production and preferably would remain unproduced through July 1, 2020.  (Questions about this?  Shoot us an e-mail).

Prepare your Application:

To smoothly navigate the process, we encourage you to prepare your materials before beginning the application.  To that end:

  • Remove your name and any contact information from the script.  Remove any agent or representation’s name and contact information from the script.
  • Include a Character Breakdown at the start of the script.  The breakdown must include age and gender and may include any other information you’d like us to know. If your play contains more than 12 characters, please be sure to include information about actor doubling.
  • Title the document with the title of your play.
  • Save your script as a PDF or Word document.
  • Optional: You may upload any supporting materials that may be related to the play; please be sure to name each file “[Title of Play]_Additional Content”

Prepare the application form:

In addition to contact information and basic information about the play, you will also be asked for answers to the following questions.  (Please note: each question has a 4,000 character limit – including spaces):

  • Playwright bio.
  • Play synopsis: please provide a brief overview of the plot of your play.
  • How does your play engage with Shakespeare’s work?
  • Optional: Play History: If your play has had any development or production history, please briefly tell us about it.