Jemma Alix Levy

I am proud to be an ASC board member because

I am proud to be an ASC board member because this company was an important place in my
own training as an artist.

My all-time favorite ASC moment was:

My all-time favorite ASC moment was at the first production I saw here, when James Keegan
was playing King Lear and I was seated onstage and during his mad scene he looked deep into
my eyes and handed me a rose. Or it was in my own production of The Taming of the Shrew
when Gremio (KP Powell) hiked his pumpkin pants up to his armpits in order to prepare for a
fight with Tranio (Constance Swain).

You should support the ASC because

You should support the ASC because the work that they do has inspired artists and companies
across the nation and around the world.


Jemma Alix Levy is an Associate Professor of Acting and Directing at Washington and Lee
University and was the founding Artistic Director of Muse of Fire Theatre Company, which she
ran for ten years. She has previously served as co-chair for the Artistic Committee and currently
serves as co-chair for the Education Committee for the Shakespeare Theatre Association. After
receiving her BA from Amherst College, Levy graduated from The Juilliard School’s graduate
directing program, earned an MA in Humanities from the University of Chicago, and then earned
an MFA in Shakespeare and Performance from Mary Baldwin University’s program in
association with the American Shakespeare Center. In addition to her work with students, Levy
has also won critical acclaim for directing professional productions across the US, including eight
Shakespeare productions for Muse of Fire and two for the American Shakespeare Center’s
touring companies. In 2019 she made her international debut for Prague Shakespeare Company
with a production of Moliere’s Tartuffe. Levy has also written and directed adaptations based on
Shakespeare, Lope de Vega, and two-time National-Book-Award nominee Howard Norman.
Before her arrival at Washington and Lee University, Jemma taught theatre and directed at
Webster University’s Conservatory of Theater Arts (MO), Wabash College (IN), Roosevelt
University Chicago College for the Performing Arts (IL), Mary Baldwin University (VA), and
The Brearley School (NY).