Jessica Rose

Finance Manager
Favorite Shakespeare Play:

Romeo and Juliet

Favorite Shakespeare CHARACTER:


Favorite shakespeare quote:

“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

Favorite play that isn’t by shakespeare:

A Christmas Carol

All-time favorite ASC Moment

Receiving great feedback from the auditors! (Finance dork happiness!)




Jessica is a Stauntonian transplant since 2016. She has been in the finance department here at ASC since August 2022 and serving as a finance leader for the company since October 2022. Jessica studied business at Mary Baldwin University with a double emphasis in accounting and entrepreneurship. Previously, she worked several years, in several different capacities in the medical field and Pharmacy. During Covid times she decided to take on a different career path. She then went to work as CFO for a small engineering firm prior to being hired with ASC. Jessica enjoys fulfilling her love for the nonprofit sector whilst continuing to enjoy her passion for the Arts all while bringing her care for others and empathetic nature to the environment here at the American Shakespeare Center. Jessica is an appointed Board Advisor for Shenandoah University’s Transformative Leadership Program. She’s an adoring mom of two wonderful young women. Jessica’s interests include professional development within herself and her peers, as well as female empowerment within the workplace and community. In her downtime she loves to spend quality time with family and friends.