We were so pleased to welcome Peter Marks to experience our Renaissance Weekend a few weeks ago.

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Here’s an excerpt of what Peter had to say:


Who needs a director, anyway?

The thought is apt to cross one’s mind, sitting in the Blackfriars Playhouse in this inviting and increasingly hip Shenandoah Valley city, 150 miles or so southwest of Washington. For an intriguing interval each year, the American Shakespeare Center — a delightful company of well-drilled classicists — turns over the whole kit and caboodle to the actors. That’s right, the actors have the run of the place, for a run in the place. And the results, this year, were outstanding.

The respite from the ideas/suggestions/voluminous notes/suggested tweaks and other assorted ministrations of those bossy directors is called the “The Actors’ Renaissance.” And though I arrived in Staunton a skeptic, I left a believer…

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Book your tickets to experience “a delightful company of well-drilled classicists.” We turned the lights on for Mr. Marks – we’ll make you a believer, too.