The Voyage

Map of the Voyage of La Boudeuse and L’Étoile from the travelogue of Captain Louis Antoine de Bougainville.

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The People


Depiction of Jeanne Baret, from 1816. It is unlikely that Baret sat for this image and this is unlikey to be her likeness.

From Navigazioni di Cook del grande oceano e intorno al globo, Volume 2, 1816, Sonzogono e Comp, Milano. Reproduced courtesy State Library of NSW, FL3740703


Portrait of Prince Karl Heinrich von Nassau-Siegen (1743-1808), 1776

© Fine Art Images/Heritage Images


Philibert Commerson

Image © Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris


Louis de Bougainville by Louis Boilly.

Reproduced courtesy National Library of Australia


Pierre Antoine Veron signature

There are no reliable images or depictions of Aotourou, La Giraudais, or Bezac due to the holes in this historical record.