With yesterday’s matches off to a rollicking start, it’s time to welcome the rest of the competitors in the Elite 8 to the field. Today: Iago vs Katharina and Lady Macbeth vs Tybalt. The conniving killer or the cursed shrew? The ambitious wife or the hotheaded cousin? Who has what it takes to advance?

Elite 8, Match 3:

Elite 8, Match 4:

Who wins the battle?

  • Lady Macbeth
  • Tybalt


Which of these fearsome competitors should move on to the Final Four? You decide! Get your votes in by early next week, and rally supporters to help your favorites to victory. And don’t forget to vote in Part 1 of the Elite 8 as well.


  1. Iago v Kate is tough, but I think ultimately, he's underhanded enough to get the better of her. Kate has a temper, but she's basically a good person; Iago has no scruples, and that gives him the edge.On the other hand, Lady M should deal with Tybalt easily. That swishing and swashing blade won't impress her; she'll assail his senses with wine and wassail, and have him out with a drugged posset in no time.

  2. Iago's greatest strength is that nobody sees through him. He is able to destroy other people only because they believe that he's their friend. But Kate sees through the insincerity of the characters around her, and I think she'll see Iago's machinations for what they are.