Our Final Four matches have yielded our finalists, and I confess, I’m surprised by them both — but pleasantly surprised! Ladies and gentlemen, we have two ladies contending for the title of Shakespeare’s Ultimate Fighting Champion. Beatrice easily put down Macbeth (45-22), with a strong show of support on her side. His partner-in-crime fared better, however; Lady Macbeth took down Iago, 19-9.

So. Our bracket stands thus:

And our final match: Beatrice vs Lady Macbeth:

  • Beatrice
  • Lady Macbeth

Who should win the title? The wit possessed of a fury, or the fiendish queen of Scotland? A woman who would eat a man’s heart in the marketplace, or one who drugs guards and smears them with a king’s blood? You tell us — Show your support for your favorite of these incredible ladies, argue your case, and rally your supporters.

This poll will remain open through the weekend, and we’ll crown our winner on Monday. Let the game begin!


  1. Beatrice's wit has gotten her pretty far, but I think the Cinderella story ends here. She got some lucky breaks, went up against some men who we know are easily charmed — but Lady M doesn't have that weakness, and Beatrice lacks the pure malice that I think will push Lady Macbeth to the top. Ruthless and efficient, Lady Macbeth has the focus, the power, and the cunning to take the championship.But that's just my opinion — What do you think?