Today’s Date: July 26th 2018

Show’s Title: Twelfth Night

Director: Emily Heugatter

Assistant Directors: Alexandra Stroud and Riley Turner

Production Intern: Georgia Fowler

Rehearsal Room: Grafton

What we did: We began rehearsal with our usual warm-up and then moved on to scene work, splitting up into groups and working multiple scenes at one time. At the end of rehearsal we discussed ideas for the show song and decided to do a mash-up of Girls Chase Boys by Ingrid Michaelson and Come and Get Your Love by Redbone.

Quick and Quotable: 

  • From the play: “Your servant’s servant is your servant, Madam.”
  • From the director: “It’s like Rocky over here.”
  • From the cast: “I’m so happy!” (about the choice of show song)

Production Insights: Focus was really sharp today during scene work as we worked on energy and jumping on cues and entrances. People still need to work on lines, and once they are more comfortable with the text, the pauses between lines will diminish. Security with lines will also help tighten up and reinforce blocking. We got some really good work done today on the scenes we went over. Part of what we did today was work on the scenes with fights, and those are really starting to come together. Our goal with scene work now is to get cue and entrance pick-ups to run more smoothly since our run at Blackfriar’s on Tuesday night was well over time. Scenes are already speeding up and gaining energy.

Andrew (Hillel) prepares for a fight while the others read the challenge he wrote.

Toby (Leah) attempts to exorcise Malvolio (Benjamin)

Malvolio (Benjamin) finds false hope in Olivia’s words to him.

Olivia (Eliza) attempts to win Viola’s (Eve) love