As many of you surely know by now, the ASC has made the extreme and extremely necessary decision to close its doors for the next two and a half months due to the global pandemic threat caused by COVID-19. (Click here to read the official message from Artistic Director Ethan McSweeny.) All performances and programs between now and June have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely. Which leaves us with the question: what about camp? We’ve made the difficult decision to streamline ASCTC 2020 from two regular sessions to a single “Super Session” with larger maximum enrollment. Session 2 (July 12-August 3) will now be the only ASCTC 2020 “Super Session.” 
What does this mean?
  • All campers currently registered for Session 1 of ASCTC 2020 now have the option to defer their enrollment to the ASCTC 2020 Super Session.
    • All camp families currently registered for Session 1 should please contact College Prep Programs Manager Lia Wallace directly to confirm either:
      • deferred attendance in the Super Session (all tuition paid would carry over, as well as any promotional discounts and financial aid awards), OR
      • complete withdrawal from ASCTC 2020 (all tuition paid over the nonrefundable deposit would be refunded)
  • Campers currently registered either for Session 2 or for Both Sessions of ASCTC 2020 will have their registration automatically updated to reflect attendance in the Super Session.
  • We are keeping the XXW as a pre-camp experience and may expand maximum enrollment based on demand.
    • We usually cap the Extended Experience Week at 10 campers, but we may be able to expand that as we transform the XXW into a pre-camp experience for all participants.
    • All those currently enrolled in Session 1 + XXW will have the option to defer their session enrollment to the Super Session while retaining attendance in the XXW.
    • All those currently enrolled in the XXW + Session 2 will be able to attend with no changes.
  • We will have camp this summer. It will look different, but it will happen.
    • Maximum enrollment in the Super Session will be 48 instead of our usual 39. Therefore, we will be doing four shows instead of three, meaning one of the Session 1 shows will move into the new Super Session (stay tuned to find out which one!).
    • We will have our full residential staff, our home on MBU’s beautiful campus, the world’s only recreation of the Blackfriars Playhouse, and our customary buckets of passionate enthusiasm with us at ASCTC 2020 just like we always do. It will still be camp! Just a bit more… Super than usual.
  • We are still accepting campers for the ASCTC 2020 Super Session.

This is a fast-moving situation. For all we know, things could look very different come June and July. Given the general level of uncertainty in the air, it feels important that we give families something concrete to plan around now, even if it’s less than ideal. With that resilient spirit of fortitude, we look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible to the Playhouse for our triumphantly Super Session this summer.

Stay safe and stay in touch — but stay at least six feet away and don’t touch your face. We’ll get through this!