Since life as we know it has been upended by the CoVid-19 pandemic, the entire American Shakespeare Center team has been hard at work re-imagining what this summer will look like — including a plan for the already re-imagined 2020 ASC Theatre Camp “Super Session.”

We promised you an update on that plan today (June 1) and while we hoped to include the details of said plan in today’s update, we’re not quite ready to announce it. We don’t want to add more confusion to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic by making a partial announcement, but we do want you to know that we are hard at work on a plan, and on crafting a message about that plan that answers all of your questions.

Keep an eye on this space (and on your inbox) for more info — details will be forthcoming in the days to come.

In the meantime, keep yourselves (and each other) safe: wash your hands, practice social distancing, do your part to actively disrupt white supremacy, and direct all burning questions directly to Camp Director Lia Wallace at