Date: 7/29/2020

Show: All’s Well that Ends Well

Director: Lauren Carlton

Assistant Director: Esma Eddeb

Dramaturg: Schuyler Gardner

Stage/Zoom Manager: Hillel Finder

Production Manager: Liam Riley


What We Did Today

Hello my fellow Shakespeareans! Only two days left of SHXcamp. Time really has flown by for all of us hasn’t it? Anyways, after returning from their usual elective classes, the cast of All’s Well had the daily check in and went straight to work. Today, act two scene one was filmed along with act 4 scene 3 (my favorite of the play), in which Parolles is tricked by his fellow soldiers to reveal his cowardice. This scene is absolutely hilarious and the cast’s idea to record it almost like a prank video is the funniest idea I have ever seen. Now that those scenes have been checked off the list, the campers are now prepared to finish their work as we get closer to the end of camp.

Quick and Quotable

From the Play: Damnable both-sides rogue! -Bertram

From the Cast/Crew: I am eating a potato as we speak. -Jesse Waldman

Production Insights

The point of the show portfolio is beginning to come full circle. As mentioned in previous posts, these portfolios are made to help the campers to develop skills in acting and theater that they can take with them when the leave camp, one of these skills being character work. When filming the soldiers’ prank on Parolles, I thought back to that concept as it was illustrated the best in today’s work. By brainstorming character’s behaviors in an online setting, the campers create character work skills which can be used outside of camp. Just asking the simple questions, “What would my character do in a modern setting?” or “Would my character use social media often?” the characters come to life in new ways. While we may not have an hour long show to put on stage, we have techniques to keep in our minds to further our acting abilities.

Sayonara Shakespeareans,


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