Thursday, July 30, 2020

Julius Caesar

Director: Jack Read

Assistant Director: Amy Ippolito

Dramaturg: Savannah Nine

Stage Manager: Shaggy Bryant

Production Manager: Mary Rose Valentine


What We Did Today

Today was our final day of shooting for camp. We covered some re-recording and we filmed the tent scene, the first scene, and the scene where Caesar’s ghost visits Brutus before the battle at Phillippi. The campers are proud of the amazing work they’ve done and the production team is even prouder. That’s a wrap!


Quick And Quotable

  • From the Play: “How ’scaped I killing when I crossed you so?”
  • From the Director: “Famn dantastic.”
  • From the Cast: “My skin has been through a lot today.” -Esme


Production Insights

The ability to pre-record our production is a blessing and a curse. We will never perform a scene perfectly, but we can make sure our best foot is forward. On the other hand, when you’re pre-recording, it’s so easy to just try one more time… No, wait, one more time… Wait, I messed up, one more! Just like in live theatre, we have to accept imperfections. Our actors are doing a fantastic job, and I can’t wait to see the final product.