Today’s Date: July 29, 2021

Photo of the Day: Post stumble through in costumes. From Left to right: Ella (Westmoreland), Topher (King Henry *rolls eyes*), Molly (Pistol), Eleanor (Fluellen), Maddie (Kathrine). 

What we did: We started the rehearsals with Intimacy practice and working the Dauphin vs Henry fight. Then we did a review of each chorus and finished our morning block of rehearsals with a review of 3.1. After lunch we had our first complete run-through of the show aka a Stumble Through! 

Quick and Quotable

  • From the play: “Kill the boys and the luggage. ‘Tis expressly against the Law of Arms, is it not?”
  • From the cast: Topher saying his line: “Fought on the day Crispin Crispianus!”
    Analise: *snorts* “crispy anus”

Production Insights: Today was very exciting in the sense of feeling everything coming together. It was very fulfilling to get to play the full course of our characters in one big story rather than in small segments. For me (playing Boy) it was exciting to see my character through each scene from beginning to his end (hence the quote of the day). I’m very proud of the choices we made as a company that came all together today to create a cohesive story.